Monday, February 18, 2013

Students All Over Georgia Are Enrolling At National High School! National High School| Online High School| Home School| NCAA Approved Courses

National High School| Online High School| Home School| NCAA Approved Courses
National High School| Online High School| Home School| NCAA Approved Courses
Students from all over Georgia are choosing National High School  to complete their High School Careers! Here is a list of Georgia Schools that our students have joined us from.
North Atlanta High School
Stratford Academy
Upson-Lee High School
Greater Atlanta Adventist Academy
Norcross High School
Dutchtown High School
Lambert High School
Sandy Creek High School
North Atlanta High School
NCAA Eligibility Center
LaVonda Burton
NCAA Eligibility Center
UNC Charlotte 49er Academic Center
Richmond Hill High School
Bruton High School
Lakeside High School
Irwin County High School
Elizabeth Andrews High School
Fayette County High School
Woodlee’s Christian Academy
 South Fulton High School
Covenant Christian Academy
Lambert High School
Getting started with the Admissions process is effortless Give us a call at 1-877-503-4599 (Toll Free) or Click here to chat with one of our Admissions advisors!
Your success at National High School is our primary purpose.
National High School’s Admissions Department consults with each student, parent, and educator to provide them with the resolution sought after.
Students may enroll into the following programs at National High School:
  • High School Diploma Program
    Acquiring a high school diploma through National High School’s accredited program is simple.
    • Students can transfer into National High School’s diploma program with the credits they’ve earned from previous high schools, as long as we have a transcript in hand. The evaluation is done prior to enrollment at no cost to the applicant!
    • National High School’s platform allows for students who have been previously home schooled to integrate their home school experience, as long as a transcript is provided.
    • International Students seeking to earn an American diploma with recognition from the US Department of Education may do so through National High School.
    • National High School currently serves students in over 90 countries throughout the world..
    • To best serve our international students, National High School uses an external agency to evaluate all international transcripts and school records. Students submitting a foreign transcripts to NHS are to follow these procedures:
    • Please mail certified copies of all school records to:
      Attn: Registrar
      National High School
      6455 East Johns Crossing
      Suite 175
      Johns Creek, GA, 30097
    • There is a $150 fee for the evaluation of these records aside from tuition costs for the diploma program. Students can mail a check or money order, or use a Credit Card authorization form to provide National High School with the necessary payment information.
    • The evaluation of foreign transcripts can take approximately 7 to 10 business days to complete. Please keep this in mind if you are enrolling in NHS and will be sending us a foreign transcript for evaluation. Evaluation of foreign/international transcripts can take up to 30 days depending on the complexity and research required
  • Credit Recovery ProgramNational High School’s Credit Recovery Program allows for full-time students enrolled in traditional, brick and mortar schools to take the credits they need to meet their resident high school’s graduation requirements.
  • Individual Course Program
    National High Schools Individual Course Program allows students in transition to choose from National High School’s course selections and meet the requirements of the program they choose to move onto post receipt of credits earned at National High School.*
    * To enroll into the Individual Course Program, students will still be required to provide National High School with proof of eighth grade completion and promotion to the ninth grade. Upon evaluation of these documents, your admissions advisor may require additional documentation (i.e. transcripts)
  • English As A Second Language (ESL)
    National High School’s English as a Second Language program objective is to help develop the skills of English as a Second Language for those students having existing knowledge, training, and/or skills and to remove the English Language barrier, allowing graduates to utilize existing vocational skills.
    The purpose of the program is to focus on development of listening, reading, writing, speaking (conversation), and grammar at all levels of the curriculum and to develop employment seeking skills necessary to compete in the existing market.
  • Enrichment Program
    National High School’s Enrichment Program, allows students to prepare themselves for high school and provides them with supplemental courses they need to augment their educational path. Students may audit a course through National high School at anytime.
    * Students will not earn credits for courses taken through our Enrichment Program
Admissions Requirements
  • Students enrolling into National High School must display a clear understanding of the English Language
  • Students enrolling into National High School must provide the Admissions Department with one or all of the following documents:
    • Proof of eighth grade completion from an accredited institution or a home school.
    • Transcripts from accredited institutions the student attended previously.
Your Admissions Advisor will guide you through this process and provide you with a free evaluation prior to enrollment to provide you with your best options.
To help you gather the following documents, National High School offers you the following tools and policies:
  • Credit Transfer Request
  • Transcript Request Form
  • Home School Policy
Remember, you may contact our qualified faculty directly at 1-877-503-4599 (Toll Free) and we will gladly guide you through this process.
National High School| Online High School| Home School| NCAA Approved Courses

Monday, February 11, 2013

Where are NHS students enrolled after Graduation? Everywhere!!! National High School| Online High School| Home School| NCAA Approved Courses

National high School recently surveyed students to determine the colleges they are attending. The results are still coming in and we would like to share a few schools with you. The partial list below is based on information provided by NHS graduates and the results are still coming in!

Monday, January 28, 2013

National High School Freshman Excelling in Tennis Starts Professional Circuit in April

Michelle Bertolini, a NHS freshman, will begin professional tennis play in April 2012. She was chosen to spar with one of best players in the world, the Russian Maria Kirilenko (20 of the world ranking WTA), Michelle was unable to play with the International Tennis Federation for the last 8 months because of this opportunity. Michelle accompanied Kirilenko on tour before the U.S. Open along with her Coach Jimy Szymanski.
Michelle had the opportunity to learn from many figures in the tennis world. Coach Szymanki believes that Michelle can become, in two years, one of the best tennis players in the world because of her innate physical and technical conditions. Michelle is competing in national tournaments in Venezuela which is preparing her for the junior tournaments that begin in March. Michelle won the national tennis tournament in singles and doubles. After finishing the current tour, Michelle will start playing professional tournaments. To reach this level of play, she has made many sacrifices including personal, family, while maintaining strict discipline in her studies.
National High School NCAA Guidelines
Please note the following guidelines regarding NCAA enrollments:
  1. Students must be enrolled in the course (s) for at least 8 weeks. The student must have classroom instruction for a minimum of 8 weeks.
  2. The NCAA reserves to right to refuse any course taken at NHS. It is the student’s responsibility to make certain of transferability.
  3. Students should visit (school code 110-254) to view eligible NHS courses.
  4. If a student is currently enrolled at another school, the student will need to be enrolled as credit recovery with the proper forms and signatures.
  5. Division I Requirements
    • The applicant can only take one course post graduation if they are attending a NCAA Division I School.
    • The applicant can take up to 3 courses if they have a documented disability. The folder must include the NCAA permission letter before a student will be enrolled in courses.
    Division II Requirements
    • Applicants are allowed to take as many courses as needed.
NCAA Approved courses offered at National High School:
Social Science 
Natural/Physical Science 
Additional Core Courses

Friday, January 25, 2013

National High School Student: Places 8th in Tennessee and Nation on Level 2 National French Exam National High School | Online High School| French| Advanced Placement

National High School Student: Places 8th in Tennessee and Nation on Level 2 National French Exam National High School | Online High School| French| Advanced Placement

National High School | Online High School| French| Advanced Placement
National High School | Online High School| French| Advanced Placement
Collierville, TNAmy, a NHS credit recovery student, has a 4.5 weighted g.p.a. She is enrolled in AP and honors courses at her local school in Tennessee.

What brought her to NHS?

Amy could not take an AP and French II course at the same time, so she decided to take French II online with National High School and the AP course at her local high school.
She needed to take French II this year in order to take AP French during her senior year to graduate with the Advanced Placement International Diploma (APID).
Amy was encouraged to take the National French Exam by her French II Honors teacher—and she did! She scored 8th in the state of Tennessee and in the nation.
Homeschool with National High School
Every year, students are faced with new situations that may require homeschool. For parents, this is an equally shared burden. Fortunately, National High School offers an alternative solution to traditional schooling all year round.
Former Homeschool Students:
There are many different scenarios for why National High School is convenient for students who have previously be in homeschool. For example, for many families, parents are working full time and do not have the time to dedicate to the teaching and administrative responsibilities required, parents do not have the qualifications needed to teach core subjects, or students may require an accredited and recognized diploma in order to attend the college of their choice.
In addition, National High School is a great option for both formally homeschooled and first time homeschooling students for the following reasons:
National High School
  1. Offers an advanced college prep diploma track that is geared to meet the admission requirements of colleges and universities. The advanced college prep diploma track also meets or exceeds all state education standards.
  2. Allows both homeschooled and transfer students to transfer in their home school or previous school’s credits. In addition, all credits earned at National High School can be transferred to any school of the student’s choice.
  3. Takes care of all administrative work including in house record keeping, grading, monthly progress reports, and provides students with a student services coordinator that students can contact daily for questions regarding their assignments.
  4. Provides students with teachers who offer live instruction and Q&A sessions which are pre-recorded for the students’ convenience should a class lecture need to be revisited.
  5. Offers students an option to earn their high school diploma while allowing them additional time to focus on their extracurricular obligations. For example, students who are heavily involved in sports.
National High School allows students to work on their courses at their own pace, and have 24/7 access to their assignments. Regardless of what family obligations need to be met, students can earn their diploma from home. The convenience and flexibility of National High School’s online courses is apparent.